Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia Unwrapped

How on Earth do you empower young people with dyslexia to reach their full potential?

We have worked closely with the UK-based charity Dyslexia Scotland (DS) on a number of projects, including creating its new campaigning brand and a suite of websites. With the majority of online dyslexia-related content being targeted at adults supporting an identified young person, DS challenged us to help create a digital space specifically for young people aged 8-18 with dyslexia.

Made possible thanks to the support of a project grant from the Scottish Government's Children and Young People's Early Intervention Fund, through The Corra Foundation, the solution was Dyslexia Unwrapped: a mixed-media, collaborative project that saw us work closely with Dyslexia Scotland, youth groups in its branch network, and its Young Ambassadors. The result is a dyslexia-friendly audio-visual hub, with supporting content and a comprehensive social media strategy.

Dyslexia Unwrapped provides on-tap, age-appropriate information, and support resources for young people living with dyslexia. It features celebratory articles, galleries, and videos, all of which help reduce the stigma associated with dyslexia, and assist young people in educating friends and family members about it. The site also encourages users to share content (infographics, articles, videos) on social media using the hashtag #WiredDifferently and via Dyslexia Unwrapped channels.