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Collaborative Thinking

We are a change agency, facilitating collaborative thinking to identify new opportunities and innovative solutions:

  • Helping you build capacity and co-design imaginative solutions
  • Encouraging involvement and fostering ownership
  • Accessing the diversity and reach of our shared networks
  • Creating and sharing ideas to make it easier to act sustainably.

Innovative solutions

We help you harness the imagination of your colleagues, customers and citizens, through inspiring collaborative platforms – from focused behavioural design sprints to co-creation workshops – which give everyone the chance to contribute and shine.

Diverse benefits

Every organisation benefits from a fresh perspective. Our Roundtables and Discovery Sessions, and the wider How on Earth Network, offer an essential diversity of expertise and hard-won experience, from peers in multiple sectors. These fresh perspectives and learnings will help you hit the ground running, or accelerate existing action on your own challenges.

Building capacity

We believe that everyone is an innovator, they just need the right tools and opportunities. Which is why we help you build your skills and capabilities, turning your teams into a creative force to be reckoned with.

Sustainable outcomes

From first steps and quick wins to long-term transformative goals, our approach puts activating sustainable change at the heart of every step. After all, we’re creating a future all of us are going to share – so let’s do it in the most inspiring way, together.