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Compelling Insight

We explore compelling insight to inform sustainable, evidence-based ideas and strategies:

  • Understanding context and best practice to develop a deeper understanding of priorities
  • Engaging citizens in imagining new futures
  • Understanding people and what persuades them to act.

Deep insight

We’re really well read, and connected. We love to get under the skin of your unique challenges and opportunities, combining the latest contextual insights from the worlds of business, academia, and not-for-profits, with a deep understanding of behavioural science, and what motivates people to act. We pride ourselves on bringing fresh perspectives and meaningful insights to the table.

Fresh ideas

We love using the latest physical and digital ideation tools to guide creative workshops, sprints and roundtables, to generate evidence-based, actionable ideas and innovations, and to inspire creative thinking.

Smart strategy

We build on compelling insights with best-practice strategies, sustainability communications and roadmaps to help tackle the big challenges for business, climate and society – from grabbing essential quick wins, to effecting long-term behaviour change.

Bright futures

We like everyone to be open in their thinking. So we create and convene collaborative platforms that bring together stakeholders and citizens to better understand their lives, values and priorities, and to imagine and shape new futures for individuals, organisations and society.