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Human Strategies

As a strategic consultancy we shape human strategies to create purpose-led, sustainable cultures and accelerate action:

  • Building on the power of purpose as a catalyst for change
  • Developing cultures that put sustainability at the heart of business operations
  • Developing strategic programmes to engage customers, colleagues and citizens.

Harnessing purpose

Purpose matters. It is the beating heart of your organisation and your people. It’s why all we get up in the morning, and it’s why you’re reading this. Let us help you define or refresh your purpose and bring it to life across your organisation.

Sustainable business

Having sustainability goals is only a good first step. To get results you need to build and foster a workplace culture where sustainability is second nature. It’s about truly connecting your people and tapping into their beliefs and values, so that sustainability is woven throughout your organisational DNA, driving ownership and empowering action.

Strategic programmes

Your strategy is more than a snazzy chart or plan (though we love doodling those too). It requires a human-centred approach, and an understanding that strategy is nothing if it doesn’t achieve positive behaviour change with colleagues, customers or citizens. We can help you balance the operational with the human to create impactful programmes, from cultural engagement to behaviour change communications to climate change campaigns.

Engaging everyone

This can be an inspiring but challenging road. The good news is that whether it’s about taking the first steps, or a giant leap, you don’t have to go it alone. We help you gather your party: colleagues, customers, citizens and peers, all equipped for travel, taking the journey together.