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COP21/UN Partnership

Our work with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) draws together major strands of activity including: positioning RICS’ role in re-framing responsible business practice for its sector, shaping opportunities to demonstrate sustainability leadership and influence, and helping connect employees to the organisation’s new global purpose and future.

We supported the organisation in its joint effort with the UN in the build up to Paris COP21, helping to produce and promote a RICS and United Nations Global Compact resource on ‘Advancing Responsible Business Practice’ for the land, construction and real estate sector. And for the Paris summit itself we shaped a powerful narrative and engaging design and animation to position RICS’ role at the heart of the sustainable built environment agenda.

We also created an engagement programme to help RICS employees become more globally-focused, with an employee-facing narrative and other communications materials to ensure RICS people have the flexibility to move quickly as each global challenge and opportunity emerges.