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The Innovation for Everyone report is now available

by John Drummond

Innovation doesn’t just belong in a lab, or with people directly responsible for creating new products or services. Innovation is for everyone. It’s for every colleague on every project, in every function of every organisation. Everywhere.

Our just-launched report Innovation for Everyone: How to create Innovative Cultures is based on a deep exploration of the characteristics that underpin what innovators think, feel, believe and do. It will help you understand the factors that shape innovation, and the steps organisations can take to create more innovative cultures.

The report – part two of our Human Organisation report series – gathers together the latest insight across a diverse array of important topics, including:

  • How innovators ask great questions, harness all the senses, and create mental models;
  • What we can learn about innovation from storytelling, sport and nature; and
  • How innovative organisations open up and power up.

Download your free copy of Innovation for Everyone today.

If you are interested in unlocking a more innovative workplace culture, we can also help catalyse your priorities through our new Benchmark Innovation Sprint sessions. To learn more, contact:

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